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My name is Luisa Steedman and I'm a spiritual artist and journeyer. My life was turned upside down in early 2014 when I drew the Spirit guide I had been hearing since childhood.  Instant soul recognition and subsequent intensive journeying brought back memories of past life connections, soul relationships and life path choices made long before this lifetime.  This blog is a record of some of the things I've learned and experienced along this bumpy ride of self-discovery and healing.  I hope these words - especially those from Spirit - may inspire, comfort and cheer you on your own journey through this 'brief moment in an ocean of eternity'. 

You are not alone... you will never be alone

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My guides say that you don’t get to leave the earth plane without your sense of humour intact, and delight in telling me how many lifetimes I have to go before I fulfill the most basic requirements for entry.  But then they go and shoot themselves in the foot by saying, “In Spirit, everyone laughs at each other’s jokes.” 

But even in their humour there is much wisdom.  Well, usually.  Take my guide Ho Hum.  Ho Hum is genuinely funny.  I don’t always hear him, but when I do, he’ll be sure to say something either very deep and wise, or very funny.   Occasionally it’s the latter. 


“So, tell me what I was like when I was your little sister, Ho Hum?” I asked.

“Well, you were the most gullible child I’ve ever known,” he replied.  “I could tell you anything and you’d believe it.”

“That’s because you were my brother and I trusted you.  Give me an example.”

“I took you swimming once and told you there was a shark coming, and you believed me.”

“I didn’t think we lived near the sea, did we?”

“No, we didn’t,” he replied.  “It was a river.”


Spirit guide Ho Hum (c) Brige Steedman 

Ho Hum, my Spirit guide, past life brother, husband, father and so much more

On the other hand the humour of my other guide Dancing Bear is more subtle.  So subtle, in fact, I’ve been known to accuse him of displaying it less often than Christmas.  And like a good old Navajo he takes it on the chin with a chuckle, and then says something I can’t hear to Ho Hum and for some reason they immediately burst out laughing. 

So with this in mind, when I was asked to give a talk on my connection with Spirit, I spent a good 4 hours drafting ideas, only to be overwhelmed with the fact that nothing I had written I actually wanted to say.  Almost all my journeys with Spirit at this point had been healing-oriented and my days were spent either in tears, or recovering from tears, after months and months of inner child and past life healing.

“I want to talk about this amazing connection I made with Dancing Bear after drawing his portrait,” I told the guides – as they were clearly loitering around me trying to help.  “I want to inspire people with the connection it’s possible for them to have with their guides if they connect with a visual image, as I did.

“But I don’t want to bore them silly with what I’ve been doing or I’ll lose them in the first 5 minutes.  They don’t want to hear about my past lives – or the thousands of hours we’ve spent journeying just trying to clear all this stuff.  

“I want to tell them stories,” I added.  “I want to say ‘Hi, I’m Luisa, I’m an artist, and these are some funny stories about my Spirit guide’.  People like funny stories.  But the only laugh-out-loud one I can remember is the shark in the river one with Ho Hum.  

“I can’t say, ‘Hey, I had this amazing emotional experience remembering my Spirit guide Dancing Bear’, and then all the funny stories are with Ho Hum. People don’t like it when you say that.  They stop listening to me talking about Ho Hum, and all they think is, ‘Poor Dancing Bear, he needs a hug.’”

Come on Dancing Bear, you can tell me a funny story now,” I said.  “You can channel Ho Hum if you like.”

“The only funny stories we can tell you are about you,” Dancing Bear replied.

“But people don’t want to hear about me.  They want to hear about you.  There must be some really funny stories you can give me about you and Ho Hum?” 

There was a short silence after this before I heard him again.  

“I will tell you a story,” he said.

“Is it a funny one?”

“Just put on the recorder, press play and trust.”

And so I listened.


Dancing Bear's story

“In our lifetime together, when you were young,” Dancing Bear began.  “You used to like making things.  You used to find and make things out of such simple things.  Lots of leaves and twigs and rocks.  

“You made yourself a little sandpainting, like I used to do.  You made it out of sand and rocks and leaves.  You said that Spirit had helped you.  I watched you make it.  You didn’t know I was watching.  I pretended I couldn’t see.  

“You took hours over this painting you were doing.  It was a labour of love.  I asked you to eat, but you didn’t want to.  You wanted to finish this picture.  And then eventually, when it was late, you invited me to come and see it.  

“You had drawn a picture of us.  You said that you were the earth with all the leaves and rocks, and I was the sun with all the warmth and the love.  You said one could never be without the other.  You said you needed me as much as I needed you.  Because without the earth the sun had nothing to shine on.  And without the sun, the earth couldn’t live.  That’s how we felt.  Just like in this lifetime."

“You made many things," he said.  "We made things together.  This was something you made by yourself.


Dancing Bear (c) Brige Steedman 2016

Dancing Bear in our lifetime together


"It’s not the funny story you want," Dancing Bear added.  "But I want you to know that there is so much joy and love within you.  We all feel it.  We all feel that little child within you, a child who felt so much joy and love – your soul – that feels that connection with us all.  

“Just like the earth and the sun.  We cannot be without you.  And you cannot be without us.  It’s a connection that is so strong.  We will never go away.  We will never change.  The earth can change and grow new things.  Some things die off and pass away, and other things grow and can be loved.  

“All the time the sun is always there, shining on you.  The sun never changes.  The sun never stops shining on you.  And while you see the clouds, all we see is your light, the things you make, the things you do and the love you feel.  

“So when you talk to those people – those souls there with you, you can remind them of that.  Tell them, their guides are walking with them, shining on them.  They may look up at the sun and think it’s so far away.  Yet everywhere they look, there the sunlight is – shining, lighting up their path.  

"You asked me for a story that was funny.  There are so many.  We can all remember them.  So many stories of laughter and hope and love.   But what we want you to remember today is that you are loved.  You are safe.  You are protected.  And that no matter how many clouds are there, we will always shine on you.  We will always be there, shining on those clouds, melting them all away, until the day when your spirit will rise up and be with us.  You are never alone.  

"So let go of your fears.  Let go of your pain.  You are surrounded in love.  Whatever you ask for, we are listening, we do answer, and we will give to you.  You don’t need to do anything or be anyone.  You don’t need to be funny.  You don’t need to make people laugh.  You need to touch their hearts.  You need to remind them who they are.  Remind them of the joy and the love that surrounds them – that they are not alone.  They will never be alone.  In their darkest times, we are there with them.” 


I was so moved by Dancing Bear’s words, and so grateful.  There I was wanting to write something funny.  Instead I was given something far more loving and empowering – beautiful words of wisdom, words which your own Spirit guides long to share with you.

If you could hear your guide, what would you want to hear?


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