Spirit family, friends & helpers

Not only guides are around us!  Family, friends, helpers and other loved ones draw close to us, especially when we think of them or need their help.  Here are a few I've drawn so far.

Here are Emma and Matthew, the portraits' recipient's two children who had returned to Spirit before birth.  They are such loving and beautiful energies, and having a portrait brought her and her husband great comfort, as they could recognise strong family resemblances.  Drawing these portraits meant so much to me and I was so grateful to be asked.

This portrait, 'Mother Love' was inspired after one of many journeys to connect with my Lakota mother, Whistling Wind, in the last lifetime I shared with her and my brother and now Spirit guide, Ho Hum. I wanted to reflect in a picture something of the love and security I felt in that lifetime, as a baby blessed with a wise and nurturing mother who cocooned me with her unceasing love.  

A little sketch of a Spirit child I've connected with with on journeys - a beautiful new soul.