My Spirit Guides


Having clairaudiently heard my own Spirit guides since early childhood, experiencing instant soul recognition of them through their portraits has been the most profound and life-changing experience for me.

Peter and I are part of a close soul group and so all our guides connect with us both.  However I have two main guides who have walked alongside me all my life.  They are my closest soul mates and we have shared many lifetimes together, experiencing many different relationships, which has led to an unbreakable and eternal bond of love and trust.


Dancing Bear

My Spirit guide, medicine man, Shaman, past life father, husband and much more, 'Dancing Bear' is my closest soul mate.  He was the loving voice I heard guiding and reassuring me as a child, and the first guide I began meditating and journeying with in my 20s.  He has guided me on numerous Shamanic journeys over the years, including those to help animals with unresolved trauma and anxiety issues.

Ho Hum

Another eternal relationship, my Spirit guide, soul mate, past life brother and husband, 'Ho Hum' and I have shared multiple lifetimes together.  After losing me as his sister, he vowed he would never leave me and has walked beside me ever since. Some of my earliest journeys were with Ho Hum.  It's such an emotional, close and loving connection we share, when we are together we're usually both in tears!  There's more about Ho Hum further down this page.

Below (centre) is a portrait of my guide Dancing Bear when he was younger, in our Navajo lifetime together in which he was a medicine man.  Not long after, he found me as a 5 year old girl, left for dead after escaping a Spanish slave raid (New Mexico, late 1600s).  He brought me back to life with journeying, medicine and prayer and raised me until his own child, until the age of 13 when I became his wife.

Dancing Bear has guided me on many Shamanic journeys over the years to help animals with trauma-based problems.

This sketch (left) is of him in our African life together when he was a Shaman.  It was the first sketch I drew of him, in 2013.  I had combined (without realising it) two lifetime personas into one, which influenced the full portrait (below).

'Dancing Bear' was not his name in any lifetime, but one he gave me that I later discovered was symbolic and meaningful to us both.


This portrait of Dancing Bear when he was older (right) was the first portrait that I drew of my guides, in 2014.  

It gave me first had experience of how deeply moving it is, to bring into physical, visual form a Spirit guide that I had only seen on journeys and clairvoyantly.

You can read more about Dancing Bear and the lifetime he brought me to life on my blog at 'Mistakes are what can teach you the most'.

Spirit portraits really do change lives.


My guide Ho Hum and I have been together in many lifetimes as well.  

This portrait is of him as Running Wind, my older brother in a lifetime in what would have been the later 18th Century.

When I was born in that life, he climbed up a tree to try to escape the noise!  But we were soul mates and become very close.  He taught me to ride when I was 3, spent a lot of time teaching me and was my world.  When I was 11, I was taken from the village by raiders and died soon after.  After that life, he vowed he would never leave me and has walked with me ever since.

This portrait (left) is how I remember Running Wind in that life - when he was in his teens and used to tell me exciting stories about bears and eagles. I tell a story about a later lifetime I shared with Ho Hum which you can read in my blog 'Laughing Horse and the Buffalo Hunt'.


Alexander (right) is another of my close soul mates, shown here as my husband in Ancient Greece.  He told me that courting me in my teens, we used to sit together in an apple tree and talk about philosophy and life (he was my philosophy teacher in an earlier lifetime).  Soon after our marriage, he had to travel abroad on what became something of an Odyssey and it took him 5 years to return.  Our son in that lifetime is now my Spirit guide 'Ho Hum' (above).

Brother John

I first met Brother John when I started meditating and journeying in my 20s.  Over successive journeys he showed me pieces of our Medieval life together in Rouen, France, and taught me many things.

In fact, Brother John is another persona of my Shaman guide, Dancing Bear.  In my 20s, he chose to appear in his very approachable persona from the monastic life we shared, to bring me the comfort and reassurance I needed at the time.

This sensitive tailoring of personas to what we need most at the time is typical of guides and why we often think our Spirit guides change over the course of a lifetime.


Matthew is another persona of my guide Dancing Bear, from our lifetime in Ancient Greece where we rode horses together spectacular displays.  I was paralysed falling from my horse in a rigged 'accident' and in spite of defying all expectations to walk again, never fully recovered and couldn't cope with the loss, and so ended my life.  

Karmically, the tragedy was not the loss of my all-consuming passion (because we can manifest all our desires when we return to Spirit), but that when I died I carried all the fears, anger and loss of self-esteem, things that it's taken many lifetimes to try to heal.  It was one of a number of lifetimes my guides had to trigger and heal on journeys in this lifetime.

Dr Kahn

Peter and I share many close soul mates within our soul group. The German doctor, Dr Kahn (left) is part of a Spirit team that is instrumental in Peter's healing work and one I have met regularly on healing journeys.  

Over many lifetimes he has been closely connected with each of us, and I recalled one of many lifetimes with him 20 odd years ago, long before I met Peter!  

What's so interesting is how the personality in each lifetime feels so different and yet so evidently the same soul.  

This portrait (right) is of Dr Kahn in another persona - as Kate, Peter's wife in another lifetime.  When I drew the doctor, I spent the entire time laughing and joking with him, and with Kate it was just the same - she was an absolute joy to draw.  Peter was very moved to see her again.

Ping Pong

'Ping Pong' (left) is the affectionate name Peter gives to the Spirit guide who has been with him all his life and works with the Spirit team doctors.  Their connection and trust have developed to a very deep level since Peter first began connecting with him.

The first time I held Ping Pong's hand in 2005 (through Peter) I burst into tears at reconnecting with this most beautiful, loving and treasured soul mate.

In this portrait (right) Ping Pong appears in another persona, as my husband in another lifetime together - Peter was our daughter and they were very close even then.



I hope this page has given you a taste of the connections we each of us have with our Spirit guides.  Even when we can't see or feel them, they are still around - always loving us, always wanting to help us.

As Dancing Bear once said, "If you knew how much we loved you, it would take your breath away."