Latest artwork

Here are some of the more recent Spirit guide portraits I've done.  You can read some testimonials here.  

Please note that, due to other commitments, I regret I'm not currently able to take on any portrait commissions.  

What an energy this was - Angela's guide acted as a runner between clans and tribes to communicate messages.  Each would often offer him gifts which he wore as necklaces and hair pieces, so communicating these in the portrait was significant for him.

This warm and loving Buddhist monk has a great sense of humour and uplifting energy, I couldn't help but keep returning to his portrait to look at him and feel his energy again!

This very empowering South African guide was Elizabeth's son in the past life they shared together.  On seeing it, Elizabeth immediately felt a close bond with him.

A portrait of a saint, radiating such love and healing towards the portrait's recipient through those beautiful blue eyes.

This guide was very pleased with this portrait.  He wanted Samuel to have a visual image to strengthen their connection and Samuel's clairvoyance for the path they're on together.  

He and my Ho Hum shared a warrior lifetime together, and Samuel and I must have been their respective wives in the same village - because when I saw Samuel's photo I felt instant soul recognition!  

This loving energy was Helen's very loving and protective brother in a lifetime they shared together. It was moving for me to draw him, because it reminded me of my own connection with my own Lakota brother and guide, Ho Hum.

This Plains Indian chief had a good sense of humour over my attempts to get the feathers right on this spectacular warbonnet, which I could only hint at.  Before drawing each portrait, I'll ask the guide to hold my hand, so I can connect with the energy as strong as possible.  What a hand this was!  He exuded such a calm, secure authority, and felt such love, pride and admiration for Stephen, the portrait's recipient.

This beautiful energy presented herself in a supportive, nurturing and animal-loving person, as Helly's past-life wife. They have shared many close relationships over past lives, but she felt that this persona was the most empowering for Helly right now.

Spirit guide's often try to present themselves wearing jewellery or clothes that were significant to the portrait's recipient - in this case, a wolf claw pendant.

... And again with this guide, who had a very necklace with tiny dark shells.

Eagle feathers are so sacred amongst most native tribes in America, I felt honoured to draw 3 of them.  I stuck to my guns and drew them as I saw them - hanging flat over the back of the head.

Here's some wonderful colour and warmth - and a very specific beaded headband, which this guide wanted to communicate.